Rebecca Teltscher

Click here to see Doug Kee on BNN’s Market Call Tonight on July 16, 2015. In this segment, Doug discusses the difficulty of a dividend strategy in current market conditions despite growing dividend income over time. Both the Canadian and US markets have been relatively flat this year. The Canadian market has been suffering from low oil prices and the US market has been hurt from the higher USD which negatively affects large multinational companies that generate revenues in foreign currencies.

Doug’s top picks was Canadian National Railway which he views as a good value given the recent drop in prices. He believes they are good operators and will be able to deliver solid earnings growth. His second pick, Bank of Nova Scotia, is the best valued bank of the ones we own. They have a good cross selling network with the Tangerine integration and they also have upside from the international business segment which is also riskier. And Doug’s final pick, Pembina Pipelines, has a big capex program of over $5.5 Billion which will generate mostly fee for service revenues and will bring down the company’s risk exposure as they will have less revenue exposed to oil and gas prices.

For the full video replay, please click here.






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