Rebecca Teltscher

Click here to see Portfolio Manager, Ryan Bushell on BNN Market Call Tonight on January 16, 2015. On this segment, Ryan discusses the valuation of dividend paying stocks and how some of the safer stock names have performed well as investors move money away from the Energy and Material sectors.  He discusses the Energy Infrastructure space and mentions that Leon Frazer’s long term outlook hasn’t really changed despite falling oil prices. Recent projects will facilitate transportation of current oil production and while future growth projects may be pushed back a bit further, the excess cash these companies are receiving from new projects will go back to the investor as increased dividends. In terms of non-oil stocks in the portfolio, there will be some positive aspects as consumers now have more money in their pockets and as the exchange rate goes down making Canadian exports more attractive.

Ryan’s top picks for today is Sunlife as it will benefit once interest rates rise eventually as well as a higher demand for financial and retirement products that Sunlife offers. He also picked Altagas as he believes the stock was hit unfairly as 60% of the business is power generation and utilities. Some of their future projects are based on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) however, they have a strong growth outlook and a dividend growth of approximately 10%. And finally, Ryan chose Cenovus Energy  as a long term investment. It pays a 4% dividend that is safe. The company has good quality assets and a good quality management team.

For the full video replay, please click here.



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