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After attending our 75th Anniversary celebration at our newly renovated office, one of the guests, Katie W. Robinette, decided to write a letter thanking us for the art initiative displayed throughout our office. To read more information on Leon Frazer’s art initiative, click here.

Here is a copy of the letter in which we received consent to post on our blog:

Dear Dona and the Team at Leon Frazer & Associates
Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful 75th Anniversary celebration last month. 
As I mentioned, both at the event and in a follow up conversation, I was very impressed to see your walls decorated with amazing artwork by your clients and their families.  I have seen a number of corporate offices go to enormous effort to retain curators who source artwork from both Canada and around the world but I have never seen a company and their curator work to honour and showcase the talent that rests in their own immediate network.  Further, offering your venue so that your “friends of Leon Frazer & Associates” artists benefited from such valuable space to showcase and sell their works, and having them all on display for your 75th Anniversary celebration, was a wonderful idea.  And for that, you should be congratulated! 
The art was fantastic and there were a number of pieces that I had my eye on that evening.  As a guest of one of the artists, Andrew Ross, I was pretty eager to procure one of his works – but the one I wanted was already sold!  Still, I quickly set my eye on a painting by another artist, Sandra Morris.  I immediately fell in love with the (large) painting. As soon as I returned home that night, began looking at wall space to see if the painting could work in my home.  There was no question that it would fit perfectly. The next day, after confirming it was still available, found myself to be the proud owner of my very own Sandra Morris piece. 
I am just thrilled with my purchase.  But most of all, every time I take a moment to admire it, I reflect on what a remarkably generous team you have to offer such prize space for your clients.   I hope other companies take note and follow your lead.
All the best,
Katie W. Robinette

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