Rebecca Teltscher

Click here to read Leon Frazer’s third quarter equity market commentary entitled: Market Weakness Creates Opportunity.

In this commentary, we explore the recent history of market corrections since the market crash in 2008. As markets dipped lower in September, we are reminded that pullbacks are healthy and fundamentals still remain strong. With the strengthening of the US Dollar, commodity prices are weak creating an opportunity to accumulate commodity based stocks at attractive prices.

Our fixed income commentary follows with discussions on the flattening Canadian yield curve. In Canada, a stronger US dollar and falling commodity prices signals a softer economy and lower inflation which can be the cause of falling interest rate in the quarter.

The market commentary ends with a birthday celebration. Leon Frazer & Associates is celebrating its 75th year after opening its door on September 1, 1939. Even though times have changed and the company has grown and evolved, certain things will always remain the same. Our commitment to our clients and our unbiased investment expertise have led us to counsel clients over several generations with several more to come!

Click here to read the entire commentary:


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