Ryan Bushell

Leon Frazer’s efforts to educate investors about the merits of a long term dividend investing strategy recognized and appreciated!

Yesterday I participated in online chat with the Globe and Mail regarding markets, companies, and our Leon Frazer investment strategy, following a year of outsized Canadian stock market performance. You can read yesterday’s chat here. (note that you must currently be a Globe Unlimited subscriber to access)

The chat went so well that the Globe and Mail decided to run a large excerpt of the chat in the business section of today’s paper on page B11 to promote their Globe Unlimited service.

We look forward to continuing the conversation in many different ways and in many different forums. If you want to join our effort please consider sharing our blog with a friend or colleague that you feel might benefit from our point of view.

Link to our blog: http://leonfrazerblog.com/

Link to Globe and Mail Article: http://live.theglobeandmail.com/Event/QA_Dividend_stocks_that_are_still_good_buys_in_an_aging_bull_market?Page=0


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