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This post serves as an introduction to a new segment, penned by yours truly, that will discuss my thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics most of which are related to our business.  Given these posts are designed to primarily reflect my personal beliefs I have chosen the title “In my view”.

Many years of day-to-day direct participation in the financial markets has taught me one thing….prices go up and down. Only a magician or a fortune teller can truly claim to know when, by how much and, more importantly, why.

One needs to be very select when correlating “market price performance” to one’s long term financial well being. In my humble opinion, short-term market price fluctuation is better correlated to fear and greed.

Making money is easy. Having the discipline required to make money is the tough part. The cross winds created by media, the internet and “self appointed investment experts” present an obstacle course of misinformation for long-term investors. Without coaching and counsel, many folks are compelled to jump onto the next best thing or jump out of the market completely when perception abounds that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

George Frazer, taught me a great deal about investing. In fact, in my six years working with George, I learned more than I did in my previous 30 years in the business. He believed a portfolio manager’s number one job was to educate their clients. I agree.

So, I am taking up the mantle of my esteemed and much missed former partner in the forum of the Leon Frazer Blog. From time to time I will share an article, a thought, or a rant on a topic I feel is so very important to the average investor’s long term financial well being in this space.

My contributions reflect my thoughts, somewhat independent from Leon Frazer if they are too controversial. My intent is very aligned our firm’s belief in challenging conventional wisdom and being a voice of reason for our clients.

As with every article on the Blog, we welcome your response and or questions.

 Stay tuned for In My View, Part 1.


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