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New initiative at Leon Frazer and Associates! We hired an industry veteran, Bill McDonnell, to raise our corporate profile in the plan sponsor, endowment and foundation market segment. In addition to personal meetings, Bill is reaching out to educate on important investment topics in an email newsletter. Last month’s topic was the potential impact of rising interest rates on equities. Linked to the newsletter is an article we published long before rising rates became the topic of the day.

Bill McDonnell may be contacted at

Below I have included some teasers from recent publications. We welcome you to delve in, read further and invite your comments.

“While it is true that in the very short term interest rate sensitive companies share prices can be hurt by traders playing short term moves in rates, there is little evidence that long term total returns or dividend income levels of interest rate sensitive companies are affected more negatively by rising interest rates than any other type of company.” (Effect on Dividend Stocks as a Result of Rising Interest Rates)

“At Leon Frazer, we promote Canadian Equity Investing with a focus on dividend based securities. We believe that incorporating dividend stocks into the overall endowment or foundation portfolios will provide the much needed “bump” in performance for these same institutional pools of capital to reach their funding objectives.” (Institutional Newsletter – February, 2014)


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